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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love them strawberry candies

It's like them strawberry candies when its on my mouth, its nice and hard til you suck it down, trying not to ruin it by using your teeth, and when the gooey filling burst its way out the shell its always a sweet surprise

Erotic poetry - that place

I love that place you take me/ yes it makes me weak in the knees/ no admissions cost here/ baby this lovin is free/ yes I love it when you take me there/ my body works up a sweat/ no other adrenaline rush can compare/ cuz when you open that door to let me in/ my nether lips smile as the show begins/ the plot its thick and the details are sweet/ nothing like my lover/ making me come with him

Inspired a liitle freestyle poetry

Lastnight u told me u were hungry/I was happy to oblige/I washed the plate and warmed it up/layd back &opened my knees/I love to watch u eat

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyday brings something new!!

Very Excited today!! I spoken with the founder of AfroLatino Magazine and they are going to run a review on my book!! I am more than excited to have such a great opportunity. Those of you who do not know AfroLatino Magazine is Reading's local Mag on whats going on in our community and hightlights on all the hottest spots, djs, parties, and more!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Check out my first book, In Death and Desire.

I absolutely loved writing this story. Although it is not for all audiences I am hoping that people can really open up their minds and take a step into the shoes of our lonely heroin Emily, who is desperate for love. She will take it any way she can get it. And Ben who is truly psychologically sick. This book touches on how manipulative the young desperate mind can be and how quickly a monster will prey on it. Feel free to post your thoughts!