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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sneak Peak!!

I've been working on and have come close to finishing my next project and decided to give you guys a sneak peak at what's to come. Warning: You guessed it... its erotic! The first two chapters are tame and so that is what I will be sharing.
Suggestions and constructive criticism welcomed. Enjoy!

Dungeons and Keepers: Claudia and Demetrius
A sex slave novella by S.M. Bliss

Chapter One


I hear the loud click of the lock echo off the cement walls that keep me contained. Finally! My heart fills with butterflies of relief. It feels like forever since I was able to see the glowing red lights that lined the corridors. My keeper says he's never left me in here in the dungeon for longer than two days but I'd be lying if I said I could actually keep count. The complete darkness that surrounds me confuses my mind and body, and I do not know when it is morning or night, or how many has passed when I’m in here. Don't begin to feel bad for me though, I have happily chose this life. ‘How?’, you may wonder. I simply trust in my keeper.


My name is Claudia, and when I first met Demetrius, my keeper, I could not have guessed that he would have the hold on me that he does now. He used to just cash my checks and now I take his deposits. He was handsome with a wide warm smile that welcomed me as soon as I would walk into the bank every Wednesday. His hair was dark with a crisp lined haircut at all times. His face was soft and smooth and rarely had shown evidence of a five o clock shadow. His eyes were dark as well, wide, and lined with thick eyebrows. He was so sweet and charming that when he had asked to spend some time with me it wasn’t easy to say no. Of course, I eventually gave in, thank goodness he was persistent, because by the third date I realized I had finally met my match. I had waited so long to find a man like him, dominant, knew exactly what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to tell me how he wanted it done. I was so eager to please him, I would’ve done anything he had asked me to do. When he asked me to be his sex slave, I agreed easily and eagerly. When he gave me the details or the guidelines rather of what this would mean in our relationship, I was a bit taken aback. I questioned why we couldn’t just hold a regular courtship that included our rough kinky sex, and he admitted to me that he felt at home with me and wanted to shape me to be his perfect wife. Most women would run away being approached this way as many of us tend to have the, take me as I am attitude, but not me. No, I waited for a man who would finally put me in my place. I’ve always had a hunger for sex and could be bossy in my needs which normally turned my boyfriends away, but not my keeper. He knew how to handle me and being his submissive made me feel like I could finally let go of my need for power and still receive amazing sex. So I agreed, toured my new play place, read the rules, thought it over, and agreed to everything including the lock-a-ways.


Recently, I've been locked up for longer periods of time than when I had first agreed to become his slave here. He says it’s because he likes it when I am hungry and frankly I do too. Nothing taste better than a mouth full of his cum when I haven't eaten in days. The stomach pains become motivation to please and force him to feed me. Today my stomach is hungrier than ever.


When the heavy wooden door is finally pushed opened the lights that burst in through the crack sends a burning to my eyes but I blink it off. I'm met by another beautiful slave girl, who has a towel and some leather straps folded in her arms. I've seen her before, her big brown eyes reveal her identity to me. We were made to fuck once, it was my punishment. She had been wearing a mask then, but I would never forget those begging brown eyes she had. She stood there unable to speak though, since her keeper kept a gag in her mouth while she was out of her cage. She had a habit of kissing the others slaves, something that is strictly forbidden, I guess the whippings didn't work on her. Maybe she was just asking for it, who knows though, we all have our vices. Without having to say a word, I knew I was to follow her. I let my mind wonder as I walk along with her, I’m trying not to stare at her voluptuous body and instead try and concentrate, guessing at what was coming next. My keeper was unpredictable and there was no telling what was to come, especially after a lock-a-way this long.

 I couldn't help but to notice the large red welts the slave girl wore on the cheeks of her ass as she moved along in front of me. She was in just a tightly laced-up corset leaving her large breast and trimmed fat cunt bare. Probably some type of humiliating punishment, but that was just my guess which was just as good as the truth to me. It’s not like I'd ever find out. The slaves here weren't supposed to interact with each other, although, I've heard some slaves sneaking conversation. I wouldn't be caught even trying. I couldn't imagine the punishment my keeper would impose on me and frankly it wasn't worth looking to find out.


Chapter Two


The sultry red-assed slave stopped just at the entrance to the door less washroom, and handed me the things she had been carrying for me. After going through this a couple times I know the routine; I know I am to bathe and dress. Sometimes, my keeper would order me to bathe, some days he preferred to take me uncleansed which was always humiliating, but like I said before he’s unpredictable. I used to hate this part but I've gotten as used to it as I think I possibly can. Personally, I prefer to shower myself but there were assigned washers to each slave here, usually with a set of instructions specific to their keepers needs. The only standing instructions with my bath maid was to keep a completely shaved body at all times unless otherwise instructed.


As usual, I lowered my cold naked body into the hot water of the old copper tub and relaxed my shoulders back as the bath maid drew my long black curls into a high bun on the top of my head and begins my face mask. Once she’s through she puts the hot towel over my face and then goes straight down to trim my growing patch. I never get used to this, the shaving was always done for me and all I could do was wait nervously until she finished. She pushes my knees to the side and used her short stubby fingers to spread my fat pussy lips apart and lathers me up in an intoxicating soap before she started gliding the blade across my sensitive skin. The terrifying thought of the maid accidentally nicking my clit or asshole always burned through me until she was done with the task. Next, she grabs a phallus like squirt bottle filled with cleaners, carefully inserts it into my opening, and squeezed the contents of the bottle inside me until it was empty. She did the same to my anus, which was slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. She was gentle and so good to me. Honestly, it was something I look forward to as messy ass play always turned me right off. The santorum grosses me the fuck out, frothy fecal fluids, it fucks up the sheets. I wonder, what do the laundry maids think of all this? I’m able to relax now and enjoy my bath as she lathers my body in a sudsy vanilla scent soap using a very soft sponge, shaves my legs and armpits as well, and then last but not least applies a pleasant soothing oil from my neck down.


I slid on the leather straps of the cup less leather bra pretty easily. The metal rings sitting under my collarbone were tight to my skin. I must admit the wide straps under and around my breast forcing them to tight, round firm tits, was quite appealing. My breast almost looked like they were choking in their harnesses, forcing my nipples erect as if they’re reaching for release. There was nothing else but a thick black belt that hung onto my hips with metal loops hanging around the entirety of it. The bath maid reached up to release the bun atop my head but I reached up and did it myself instead. She was much shorter than I, she stood as tall as a dwarf, maybe 4’11", where I am 5’5"; there was no use in making the woman reach. Long thick curls draped down my back, past the top of the belt and into the curves of my ass. This outfit was so suiting to the boldness of my being that I could barely contain myself as I gawked in the mirror. “Whoa,” is all I could allow myself to say in front of the bath maid. My olive feet, legs, and meaty thighs were slick and shining, my ass cheeks were even meatier and holding up the belt around my waistline. Shit, even with the dimples here and there it was something beautiful to set your eyes on. Luckily, I haven't eaten in days so my ass is clean enough to serve my keeper his dinner so that’s what he wishes. My tummy is flat, not skinny though as I still maintain my thick hourglass figure; just the right kind of hungry I like to think. It was my breast that intrigued me though. This bra, wasn't just any bra, it felt more binding. I could feel the warming pressure at the base of my breast that pushed them through the empty whole in the leather harness. They turned a darker shade and were full with fat and blood, revealing bold perky heated tits. I touched them lightly, sending sharp sensations right through my nipples. The bath maid smacked my hands knowing I wasn't supposed to touch myself.


My keeper was a selfish stubborn one, but I knew what I was getting myself into when I accepted his terms back when this first began. Once in a while, when I need a good release, I break the rules but he always notices and I pay the consequences. They aren't terrible enough not to get caught again. Maybe my keeper knows this, and is secretly softer then he seems, but I doubt it. He probably just enjoys the thought of me enjoying myself.

Chapter Three

My heart is pounding in my chest as I approach the door I've been longing to enter. “I hope he likes them,” I say to the bath maid while looking down to my breast again as she walked me on the way but she didn't answer me; she just met me with a funny look. I guess bulging tits and bare asses weren't her thing. I shrug it off and push the curls out of my face. I feel sexy as hell, in spite of miss bath maid's silence. She knocked on the door before opening it for me, revealing my keeper who’s standing in the middle of the room tall and handsome with his hairless chest bare and slack linen white pants alongside of a huge wooden wheel contraption with four shackles in the shape of an 'X'. My eyes lit up! I had never seen one of these before but it was obvious what it was to be used for. Although, I did try my best not to appear excited at all, there’s no use in inviting unnecessary roughness, but I’m not sure I hid that very well. I let myself in the room relieved to have a sense of privacy from those wide open halls. I still feel embarrassed walking around bare like this. I'm waiting for a hint at my keeper’s reaction as I stand here waiting but there is none. His face is relaxed and hard as stone as he watches the maid until she is out of the room closing the door behind her. He is gorgeous as he stands in front of me built like a god ready to be worshipped. His eyes tell me I’m in for a hell of a night, and I sure hope I’m reading them right.

“Good evening my keeper,” I great him sweetly. I’m so excited to be in his presence I can barely contain my smile, I did miss his touch, I was hungry for his touch, my body craved him like a feign. He moved closer to me and let his large palm rest on the small of my back warming my skin underneath it. Such a small gesture filled me with raw emotions of security, desire, and greed. I wanted him to take me in his arms and lift me onto him but none of this is about what I want.

"I knew this would suit you well," his deep smooth voice melts into my ear. He uses his fingers to trace the black straps around my breast before giving my nipples a quick hard pinch. I winced but did not make a sound. I stared him hard in the eyes, I wanted him to see the lust I had built up reflecting in my pupils. He could see it, I could tell by the way his eyes started squinting as if he was trying to read my mind. I swear he did when he laid his hot lips on mines, kissing me with a powerful force of desire. His tongue on fire and dancing with mine to a rhythm that was our own. His hand started to explore from the small of my back to my hips and rested on the top curve of my ass. His hands felt intense with heat as it happened to be the only thing warm about me was the skin under his embrace and my insides.

“We’re going to have to warm those up,” my keeper whispered through the kiss as he caressed each of my ass cheeks lightly.


He walked away and left me to stand alone by the doorway. I didn’t move or begin to follow him. Once I am in this room, I know not to do anything without being told to do it first. I had learned through paid punishments that I don’t care to speak of. My keeper stood by his chest of our play things with a paddle in one hand and a flogger in another looking perplexed as to which he wanted to play with. After a moment, he sat on the leather bench at the foot of the bed and patted his thighs, a motion for me to lay over his knees. He was a man of few words so I did not hesitate to walk over. I notice he chose the flogger.

I love the flogger. I can’t wait to feel the burlap strands stinging my skin. It is a delicate hurt that I enjoy. I almost reveal a smile as a lean over. I strategically lay over his lap so my pussy lays just flush against the crotch of his thin cloth pants. He grabs onto the metal ring that lays just above the crack of my ass and uses it to keep me steady as he begins to lay his blows. My clitoris began to swell as each smack rocks me forward, rubbing on the fabric over his stiffening dick, and I’m so sensitive right now I’m feeling his girth grow underneath me. He delivered as promised and didn’t stop to let me up until my cheeks were red hot with blood ridden strap-mark like stains. I was drawn to his growing erection that appeared to be stuck and suffocating against the fabric as he lifted me off him. He did not rub my welts until they were no longer stinging though, he wasn’t that kind of keeper. He wanted me to feel the burn.

 I wanted to feel the burn.


Stay tuned.

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