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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Edition Novella: The Monster Mash (Pixie's Trick and Treat)

I love Halloween! The day you dress up as whatever you want to be. Beware of things that go bump in the night though. Pixie the fiery fairy has been waiting all year to attend the annual Monster Mash of Small town. Not to dress up though but to be herself. She decides to let her wings loose and get into so mischief and that's exactly what's she finds when she run's into Drake, the Dracula man who catches her attention amongst all the other monsters and ghouls. This short novella is perfect for a quick read to get into the holiday horror. Here's a short exerpt: *** It was Hallow’s Eve in Small town and Pixie finally arrived home to her open loft after working a long day at the hair salon. Every woman in town was getting primmed and trimmed for the annual Halloween Monster Mash tonight at The Captain’s Tavern. Almost everyone in the tight knit town at least made an appearance. It was the one day out of the year attention hungry skanks were able to walk around and show off all their goodies and of course the husbands allowed their lonely housewives to join in on the fun as it was their guaranteed ticket to get front row of the grand goodie display. Pixie was exhausted, but wasn’t about to miss the party. She had waited all year to finally go out and let her wings loose. Being a fairy in a town that didn’t believe in Supernatural beings worked to her advantage. Pixie’s identity had never been questioned, she was able to work a creative job that she loved, and no longer held any of the demands that living in Fairyland had commanded. In Fairyland, fairies were given folklore education until they graduated and then were assigned a job within their community. Mostly, casting protection spells around the land. Fairies were very powerful creatures and were constantly sought after by other less powerful supes for their blood. The magic of fairy blood is very powerful and can cure and create anything the holder can imagine. She quickly tired of playing Pixie the protection fairy and decided to run way. After many stops along the way she found comfort in Smalltown and began her normal life. The only downfall to Pixie pretending she was human was having to constantly hide her butterfly like wings which actually hurt after a few hours. The skin that attached them to her back became irritated at first but now after a years she had gotten used to the pain. Yes, living as a human took Pixie sometime to get used to. Especially, with all the men swooning at her feet. For some reason humans were enticed by the scent of fairies. Pixie’s been told she smelled of all the wonderful smells in the world but her favorite was the comparison to a warm sugar cookie. A few of the women in Smalltown adored her and were drawn to her for her creative advice. If there was a question about their hair or fashion she was the go to, while most of the other woman were filled with envy and jealousy as soon as Pixie entered their atmosphere. The men, well they all flocked to her, but not for her advice that was for sure. While most women could only dream of men literally on their knees for a date, it was a nightmare for her. She could never tell if the men were actually genuinely into her or just simply under her spell. Pixie was an extremely attractive young woman. She was tall, standing at 5’11”. Yeah, she pretty much looked down at most of the other women in town. Her skin was the perfect shade of caramel and had a glowing complexion. A trait most fairies carried. Her statue was angelic and her face was comparable to a lavender eyed cherub. Pixie was perfectly proportioned from head to toe. She left behind the silhouette of an hour glass. Her hair was cut short in a smooth flowing slick back style. Not the typical short spike cut a lot of other woman pull when they decide to cut all of their hair off. Pixie finally broke out of her apron and constricting tee shirt. Her wings peeled away from her back one by one. She sighed of relief as she flipped them out and fluttered them a bit to stretch. They were about two feet wide and were very strong. They were polyessense in color and glimmered in the light. She was naked now and hovering in front of her full wardrobe. Her large full breasts bounced as she zipped back and forth between her closet racks and body mirror. She did enjoy flying around while no one was looking. She felt free and at home. Plus her feet hurt like hell after a day on them. She barely used them before she moved away from home and now she was on them pretty much all day as a stylist. Finally, after an hour Pixie made up her mind. She laid out her short white open-back dress, gold heels, and a gold head chain. She showered and dressed making sure each and every detail of her outfit was totally perfect. Pixie even added a little extra fairy dust to her already shimmering wings. After spreading them wide she gave them a gentle flutter to set in the sparkling dust and blotted her perfectly pink lipstick in the mirror before she was ready to go. Pixie decided it was a great night to let her wings flap in the wind and since the tavern was only three blocks away she decided to walk to the monster mash. After only one block in her sleek gold skyscrapers she was ready to give in and fly the rest of the way. With much self-restraint she finally made it to the rustic building. Pixie pulled open the heavy wooden door and made her grand entrance. It was as if the entire bar went silent as she caught the attention of the costumed local patrons. She truly resembled an angel. Pixie was unapologetically stunning. She overheard a couple arguing a few feet ahead of her. She giggled as she put two and two together. The woman’s husband must have been gawking because the woman stared her down like prey with beet red cheeks. Pixie was amused as she never witnessed steam come out of someone’s ears until tonight. Pixie playfully winked in the direction of the couple and continued to sashay her way over to the back end of the bar where she found an empty stool. Without a wave or a word the bartender dressed as a pirate gave her his full attention. He was pretty sexy with his long shaggy locks and well groomed beard. An eye patch covered one of his honey brown eyes. “Argh!” He grumbled, trying for his best pirate accent. “What’ll it be for the fine angel tonight?” “I’ll take a shot of your holiest water, please,” Pixie teased. “Cute AND funny, huh!” The bartender flirted. “I’ll have a martini, dry. Thank you.” “Coming right up!” He flashed her a wide smile. ‘Eager to please.’ Pixie noted. She could use some pleasing. She hadn’t had a good lay since she left Fairyland. She had been dating an Elf for a few months but when she left Fairyland, she had to leave him too. She felt like a coal miner trying to find a gem; In an underground tunnel; With spikes. Pixie glanced around the bar looking for prospects but mostly she was met with stiff looks from the ghouls and goblettes that sat closely around her. She grabbed her drink and gave it a whirl before taking it down in one throat full. Fairies have a very high tolerance for alcohol and Pixie was looking to get into some mischief. “Hey Captain!” She cried out, “Another!” She dangled the empty triangular glass above her head. The pirate’s uncovered eye bulged surprised at how quickly she had finished her drink. “Aye!” He answered and quickly poured up another. He sat in front of her, licked his lips at her, and got back to tending the rest of his callers. This time Pixie sipped slowly. By the end of her second drink the place was becoming packed with witches, devils, and whatnots. The jukebox was blaring Halloween clich├ęs one after another. I Put A Spell On You came on and Pixie had to stop her wings from fluttering. She could not help but to sway along. The twinkling angel pushed her long skinny fingers through her clutch for her cigarettes careful not to damage her perfectly manicured stiletto fingernails. She took one out and lit it while she waited for the pirate to bring her another cocktail. Pixie heard a strong deep voice from behind her, “I always wondered what a fallen angel looked like.” She turned around and met the black piercing eyes of a slick Dracula. He looked like Brad Pitt in Interview with a vampire. Slicked back hair, smooth clean cut face, and fair skin. Really fair, Pixie thought to herself. He must have had white powder on his face for extra effect. “You are enticingly beautiful,” the Dracula sang. He was extruding confidence from his very pores. The vampire man stood tall with his spine straight. He grabbed her hand a laid a kiss on the top. His lips were cold and slightly wet. “So I’ve been told,” Pixie giggled. It’s not that she was conceited but that she knew very well the affect she had on humans. In turn it had made her a little arrogant. It also made her job easier when weeding out the losers who were too timid to deal her confident nature. “I’m sorry, Are you with someone?” He couldn’t make a guess based on Pixie’s cold response. “No.” Pixie smiled. “So you won’t mind if I take this seat then?” The man sat down confident that she wasn’t about to reject his company. He raised his arm and tried gesturing for the busy pirate working the bar. “Bright idea to have one pirate manning the deck during the Mash.” He was impatient. “What’s your name?” he asked while waiting. Pixie. She pronounced it with an exaggerated ‘X’ sound. “Pixie?” The man’s one eyebrow raised. “Something wrong?” “No.” He replied calmly. “That’s just an unusual name. You do know that, right?” “What about you, handsome,” Pixie was three drinks down and was finally loosening up. “What do I call you?” “Drake,” he stated flatly. Drake was still trying to catch the pirate’s eye. “Drake,” Pixie snickered. Talk about unusual names.” “It suites my outfit wouldn’t you say,” He was a bit of smart ass, it seemed. He was becoming visibly flustered at the lack of service though. “Here, let me help you.” Pixie anchored one of her heels onto the leg of the barstool and leaned over the bar revealing most of her high thigh as she did so. “Hey, Captain!” The pirate turned around quickly and smiled in her direction. “Another please! This time on this guy’s tab!” She motioned to Drake who was still waving his money at the bartender. “I’ll have a double of rum with that,” he added handing the bartender his money. “Maybe next year I’ll dress as the angel,” he joked. Pixie couldn’t figure out what was going on in this guy’s head. He was hard to read. He had a bad boy mystery to him. He was very handsome too. Something about Drake was intriguing. She was drawn to him. It could have been his slick physique or his notable confidence. It was most likely both; either way the attraction was strong. Pixie’s pussy was growing warm at the sight of him in conjunction so beautifully. Pixie decided then that she wanted to take this man home with her and clear out the fairy dust that was building between her thighs. Metaphorically, of course. She was feeling free and ready to strike for gold. Her drink arrived and again she took it down at the same time Drake took his shot. He was barely shocked to find her glass hit the bar counter at the same time as his. “Wow,” Drake said out loud, “I like the way you just take those right on down.” He smiled revealing perfectly white straight teeth. “The trick is to relax and open up your throat,” Pixie flirted blatantly. “You know, just let it slide on down.” Drake’s eyes thinned. He took his hand and ran it from Pixie’s collarbone ,up to her chin, measuring her neck with his hands. Drake used his other hand to pull her close enough to feel his hard pressing crotch. “Nothing like a fallen angel who knows how to use her throat.” Pixie felt her body warm. Her skin began to light up. “Buy me another, and I’ll show you again,” Pixie was finally feeling a buzz and was planning on enjoying it. *** Stay tuned to get your link to download the rest free this week.

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