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Friday, March 20, 2015

If you love might not want to read this.

For years there has been this great debate about females who were 'squirters' or female ejaculaters. Many of us have witnessed the great spectacle at least once in our lives whether it be in a porn or have had personal experiences.  So generally we have all come to the same definitely can happen! Could every woman do this? Yup, pretty much. But the question that baffled us most was 'what is that liquid' and 'where did it come from'. I have read early research maybe two years ago that has read that the liquid had been different than urine and that the liquid had been shown to contain proteins similar to that of the male ejaculate and had decided that the liquid was in fact female ejaculation.
Well, the times are constantly changing and so is science and technology. A French scientist had conducted a study with 7 willing self-proclaimed squirters, and what they found may be hard to swallow (no pun intended). They have found that squirting and female ejaculation are actually two separate things, two separate compositions of liquid, and from two different sources. Yes, there is a such thing as female ejaculate, you know that white liquid that is formed inside the vagina, but it is not the source for that huge gush that leaves your partner soaked and you're sheets covered in pools of wet spots. That gush of fluid is now know to flow from the urethra and has shown to have the same make up of urine. In only 5 of the 7 girls were there actual small traces of true female ejaculation, the rest of the samples were the same make up of just urine.
So scientist conclude that while yes, female ejaculation is true, it is completely seperate from the gush or 'squirting' action which is just involuntary urination (which is natural of course). So, until the next study the old question has been debunked. Read the article sourced from the Journal of Sexual Medicine for yourself here
So does this count as golden showers now? Your thoughts welcomed in the comments box.

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