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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sequal to In Death & Desire to come

I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know whats been going on in these last couple weeks. I have been working on the sequal to the book I have out titled In Death & Desire. So far I'm thinkin the title will be Possession in Purgatory but that is subject to change. Will it end there? Not if things go as planned. I'm planning on at least three books which will be called the GHOSTHOUSE series in collection. So for those of you that have read the book (dont want to ruin it if you haven't yet) know that the ending took a surprising twist and are probably wondering what could possible happen next. Let me tell you something, you have no idea! The second one will be just a page turning as the first on taboo subjects. So how soon until its published? AHH... I have no idea! I have been writing between juggling two jobs and a family so finding time to write has proven itself difficult. But I have been pounding out the ink during the wee hours of the night and I must say that I am excited for this next project. I will keep you posted with progress reports!

Also, I just enrolled In Death & Desire in the summer reading program. What does this mean for ya'll? It means that for a limited time you can now purchase the book for 75% off on the site using the coupon code SSW75. Get your copy now and get your read on!! It's $1.75, why not? You wont regret it!
MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY this book contains explicit content. By visiting the site you are confirming that you are 18 or older. a horror erotic story of paranormal meets reality