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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Take it to the head. Erotic poetry.

Fresh out the shower;
I sit upon the bed.
He's licking the Dutch closed;
Cravings encircle my head.
He places the flavored cigar right between my lips;
Lays me down and makes a home between my hips.
The lighter flicks and i inhale;
Smoke fills the room with intoxicating smells.
He nuzzles his nose into my cleft;
I breath out all the exotic smoke that my lungs have left.
He works away between my knees;
With a heated desire to feed.
Again, i toke, but not with ease;
I'm choking, its potent, and its hard to breath.
I exhale but at the same time i have no relief;
My kitty is purring and he's in wrist deep.
Like a fountain, the liquid is quenching his thirst;
But not before he makes sure I come first.
The ash drops hot on my chest;
A reminder to Puff, puff, pass...smoking at its best.

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