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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dreams on hold

When I last blogged I had left working two jobs and began another. I ended up so wrapped up with my responsibilities as a providing mother that my responsibility to myself had been forgotten. My love of writing was put aside out of exhaustion. The attitude I carried left me with 'no time' for writing. After about three years of hardship and soul searching I ended up finding what I was missing. My passion. During my sleep my mind was still thinking about my unfinished project. Writing has always filled me with such passion and relief. It was until I picked up my paperback of my first book that I felt that excitement and passion again. I reread and re-edited my original manuscript until I felt it was readable to others the way I had originally imagined it to be. Once I was complete I was filled with the creative energy to begin writing the second book in the series.  I took my new edition of the book and started it anew on Kindle. Within the first week I earned 80+ downloads! The fact that I was able to reach so many readers filled me with great joy. I'm back! Death and Purgatory is coming along great! I'm looking to find like minded readers who would enjoy my stories. I just want you guys to enjoy reading my works as much as I enjoyed writing them!