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Friday, February 13, 2015

Rise from Ruble - freewriting

This morning i crumbled but i got back up
It was not easy to be still
amongst the ruble and dust
But in knowing from the latter
It was just what i needed to do
In order to pray and send the dust
Back where it was due
And in counting my blessing and releasing my gratitude
I found comforts in the scrapes and scratches that covered me
Without them how would i be reminded that i am human?
That i still may bleed.
In sending up my cries
The skies rained onto me pride
For i am standing tall
Tears on my face and all
I stand by his power
No longer am i weakened to crawl
In letting go to all manic ideas
And instead I'm humbled by his one
In exchange for my vulnerabilities
I was sent a weapon with far more abilities
His gift to me
To strike down all things that may again try and crumble me

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