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Friday, February 27, 2015

Update: In the Works

Last night I finally typed the words THE END. My soul smiled as I finally finished my first non-paranormal novellette. Dungeons and Keepers: Claudia and Demetrius is currently available on Wattpad. I will be completing my editing and formatting this weekend in order to upload to the kindle platform. I will be making this novellette available for free. I did have alot of fun writing this one and I hope you guys can enjoy it as well.
Besides the great pride that comes with completing anything you've put work into I am happy that now I am able to put all of my focus back to In Death and Purgatory, which I am hoping to be finished and ready for publishing by October this year.
I have ideas for a new book brewing so currently I am working on an outline for another paranormal thriller. This one I am super excited about. Stay tuned!

If you haven't been able to yet visit my Wattpad page to read the sex slave novelette click here.

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